iOwe You
Season 2, Episode 3
IOwe You
Airdate October 11, 2008
Production Code 206
Written by Jake Farrow
Directed by David Kendall
Viewership 4.376 million
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iOwe You is the third episode of the second season of iCarly and the twenty eighth episode overall.


Carly, Kayla and Freddie grow tired of Sam constantly borrowing money and never repaying them so Sam tells them to figure out how much she owes them and promises to pay it all back she is stunned to learn that her debt is $526 but determined to keep her promise she gets a job at Chili My Bowl to earn the money.

On the next broadcast of iCarly Sam asks their fans to donate money to her citing the school's address as the venue to mail it however they find out that it's illegal to solicit money from minors over the internet and must send back all of it or provide their fans a product or service in return.

Meanwhile Spencer tries to impress an attractive single mother by helping her young daughter Emily sell Sunshine Girl fudgeballs however two older Sunshine Girls steal Spencer's place at the market Spencer then comes up with the idea of sending fudgeballs to all of the iCarly fans who sent Sam money that way Sam could keep the money and Emily would sell the most fudgeballs in her troop.

Knowing that Sam is too proud to accept the money from Carly, Kayla and Freddie because she would then feel that she didn't really pay them back they arrange for an adult Sam doesn't know to give her the $526 as a tip Sam is thrilled to be able to quit her job however to Carly, Kayla and Freddie's dismay she doesn't pay them back and instead buys a trampoline.

on the end everyone enjoys the trampoline Sam bought with the money Spencer however wants to know where their couch is.



  • This is the second time Sam cries.
  • Even though Sam says she doesn't want Freddie to see her cry he already has on iDon't Want to Fight.