Season 2, Episode 8
Airdate November 15, 2008
Production Code 208
Written by Andrew Hill Newman
Directed by Roger Christiansen
Viewership 4.142 million
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iPie is the eighth episode of the second season of iCarly and the thirty third episode overall.


When Mr. Galini the 97 year old owner of the group's favorite pie shop passes away and the shop is about to close the iCarly crew tries to find a way to save it because the owner's granddaughter Trudy doesn't want to keep it open she agrees to give the recipe for her grandfather's famous coconut cream pie to Spencer in exchange for a date but later confesses she never had it even coconut creme recipes Carly, Kayla and Sam request from their viewers don't come close to Galini's pie when Freddie and Sam try to find the recipes on Mr. Galini's computer they get into a fight and knock it down but luckily the recipes are on cards Mr. Galini put in the computer itself.

Meanwhile Freddie tries to get Stephanie his mother's cousin's baby to laugh because he is the only person who can't on the end he succeeds when he throws a pie into his own face and the baby has a small fit of giggles.